Heroiv Stalinhrada St, 14h

About the place

Taekwondo - a type of Korean martial art, which was established April 11, 1955 South Korean Army Gen. Choi Hong Hee.

Hallmark Taekwondo is a highly sophisticated and powerful technology kicks.

Higher skill - demonstration of several strokes in one jump in different directions.

No other kind of martial arts even close to approaching the variety of Taekwondo kicks jump.

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Next to Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Heroiv Stalinhrada

Sport school

Judo School Shine XXI

14g Heroes of Stalingrad Ave

(063) 077-95-41

Sport Club

Tennis with coach Dmitrenko on Heroiv Stalinhrada

7 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 14

(050) 710-63-94

Sport Club

Sports club "Form Style"

13 m. Prospect Heroes of Stalingrad, 14G, Kiev

(044) 426-17-51

Sport Club

Sports club "Form Style" 12H

14 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 12H

(044) 426-82-84

Sport Club

Studio «Advance» Contemporary Dance

130 m. Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave, 14Б

(066) 569-30-63


Rope park on Obolonskaya embankment

220 m. ave. G. Stalingrad, 14V, Kiev

(095) 393-65-55

Sports yard

Volleyball court "Victory" (Obolon)

240 m. Obolonska Naberezhnaya Street, Kyiv

Sport Club

MalibuFit Obolon

244 m. 16V Heroiv Stalinhrada Ave

(063) 516-23-13

Sport school

Rowing School SkyPark

275 m. 20A Prirechna Street, Kyiv

(044) 361-60-50