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Football - the most popular game in the world - sport № 1. Although the game of foot ball known for many centuries, is still unknown, where there was a predecessor of modern football. Although "parental authority" to impose his many states.

Why so popular football game? What is its phenomenon?

Soccer - The Game publicly and has more supporters than other sports. Hobbies stars of world football in this game, regardless of their financial situation, growth or weight. Footballer Maradona - low growth and Garrincha - with disabilities. Football went beyond the usual sports. It became a game for all social strata and turned into a spectacle.

To consolidate ideas and practical implementation plans and unite all stakeholders favorite game on October 7, 1911. Kyiv was established football league, which later transformed into the Football Federation of Kyiv.

Currently it is the largest in profit sports public organization that operates primarily to facilitate the development and promotion of all areas (mass, Youth, veteran, women, students, etc.). Football in our nation's capital and on about unites and draws lessons organized football more than 27 000 people from young children to veterans.


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