Akademika Kurchatova St, 19А

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Conduct training experienced trainers master of sports champions Ukraine repeated winners of international competitions. Teachers of physical education masters degree education. You will participate in competitions at the district level, municipal, national, international. Children also participate in the camps (summer, fall, spring, winter).

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Next to Judo club "Master" in Kurchatov

Sport Club

Martial arts club "Troy" in the Forest

0 m. Akademika Kurchatova St, 19А

(099) 433-91-92

Sport Club

Sports Club Judo Master

0 m. 19А Kurchatova St

(063) 876-88-14

Sport Club

Division IOGKF Club "Sentora" on Irinsky

200 m. Irininskaya st, 6

(050) 469-10-30

Sport Club

School of traditional Japanese martial arts "Arhat Up"

290 m. Lisovyi Ave, 23

(067) 760-48-38

Sport school

School basketball individual skills «My Upgrade»

306 m. Lisovyi Ave, 17

(063) 877-26-55

Sport Club

Fitness Club "Lemon"

311 m. Lisovyi St, 25

(067) 714-66-86

Sport school

Wing Chun and Tai Chi School

426 m. Kurchatova St, 18/2

(050) 972-03-72

Sport Club

CRT "New Generation" on Kurchatova

432 m. Kurchatova St, 18/2

(093) 987-11-85

Sport Club

Basketball club "Hizhaki" on the Forest

434 m. Akademika Kurchatova St, 18/2

(044) 361-96-18

Sport Club

Fitness club "Budo" in the Forest

434 m. Akademika Kurchatova St, 18/2

(066) 367-68-08

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