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Coach 15 rotsi.Zahalna founded in 1992 the number of pupils Coach 15 is 720 students (51 group). Number of coaches is 34 men. Coach 19 students, 15 are members of national teams of Ukraine the following sports: 50% of students have school youth level, 20% - 1 bit, 2% - MMR, 1% - MS. Our students performed at the Olympic Games, namely Vladimir Gustov (cycling-road) Yarotskiy Irina (gymnastics) and Winter Olympic Games, it Syparenko Julia (skiing). In 2007 Coach 15 is recognized as one of the best sports schools Ukraine, both in winter and in summer sports. So in the 2006-2007 season. youth team in 1991, 1990, 1993, 1989 rr.n. took third place in the Championship m. Kyiv football team born in 1992 - 2nd place, and overall 15 Coach took 1st place in the Championship m. Kyiv among 48 clubs, beating boys "Dinamo" Kiev. In Ukraine Championship in Alpine skiing Lenchyk Constantine took 1st place in slalom, Venhlynska Alexander - 3rd place in slalom, Rostislav Feschuk - 1st place, Timchenko Roxanne - 1st place. In the team competition skiers took 1st place. In the 2007-2008 season. ski team won the third Winter Games Ukraine and Roxanne Timchenko - an absolute winner. Coach ski team won the final 15-race championship Ukraine. Winners and winners of the competition were: Roxana Timchenko, Lenchyk Constantine Rostislav Feschuk, Gregory of solutions, Slatvytska Alexander. In Ukraine Championship among sports pulley ski races winners are: Papchenko Catherine Fidak Anastasia Andreeva Tatiana, Kulyesh Marina Pyshnyak Alice burial Vladimir. At international competitions in Poland among sports clubs Papchenko Catherine was the winner. Following the summer 2007 season championship medal tennis Kiev began graduate school Redvanov Anton (2nd place) and cyclist Artyom Orlov took 3rd place in Ukraine Championship in road cycling. The two-story office building containing 5 Number of locker rooms, the second of them with shower rooms and toilets, second saunas, gym and administrative offices.

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Sport school

Center "Chance" Towers-2

52 m. Marshala Yakubovs'koho St, 7Б

(044) 587-70-95

Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Marshala Yakubovskoho

52 m. Marshala Yakubovskoho St, 7-B

(050) 368-38-15

Sport Club

Studio sport ballroom dance "Winner Club"

96 m. Yakubovskoho St, 7b

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Sport Club

Archer - Archery

168 m. st. Yakubovskogo, 7th, Kiev, (School No. 227)

(098) 843-60-68

Sports federation

Kiev Federation of Kempo on Yakubovskoho

213 m. Marshala Yakubovskoho St, 7H

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Sports complex

Sports club "iGym"

276 m. Marshala Yakubovskoho St, 8, Kyiv

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Sport Club

women's fitness studio and yoga «Attain» Towers

436 m. Marshala Yakubovs'koho St, 2

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Sports complex

Sport Life Теремки

522 m. Marshala Konyeva St, 8

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Sport Club

Sport Life on Teremki

524 m. st. Marshal Konev, 8, Kiev

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Sport Club

Sports club "Fighter" on Towers

567 m. Dmytra Lutsenka St, 10

(067) 200-05-73

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