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Dear athletes, coaches, experts and fans of martial arts.

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Federation Horting hold training sessions for contact sport with young people. Coach have higher professional athletic education license to conduct sports and recreation activities.

Horting new sport, created in Ukraine, is a comprehensive training versatile fighter, ready to act in competition with any rules of full contact martial arts. Federation has registered with the competition rules of the sport, international sport training program for athletes to help methodical coaching staff, control test standards for professional conduct and awarding student athletes Horting qualifying stages and workshops. Dnipropetrovsk Regional Federation Horting is an international public organization of sports and recreational perspective, which analyzes and systematization of better excellence health and combat techniques training fighters in various types of martial arts in the world, developing new improved system of training and unarmed training athletes of all ages, sex and physical data for its use in training employees of power structures in the system of youth sport these schools, sports federations floor about contact sports, in health training and health recovery classes elderly.

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Next to Dnipropetrovsk City Federation of Hortiga

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