Heroiv Dnipra St, 13

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Our club represents one of the most complex and unique areas of Naha-te - a style of Goju Ryu, who came to our time in its original form to keep all the traditions that were laid in it.

Goju-Ryu (Jap. 剛柔 流 Goju Ryu) - a school of hard and soft, whose roots are deeply connected with the direction of the Southern Kung Fu Shaolin (school and school singing tiger White Crane) .Termin Goju Ryu is translated Ho - a solid, ju - a soft, ryu - it flows. Translated from Chinese, it reads: "Flexible as willow, solid as Mount Tai."

Goju-Ryu is a style using the internal energy of man. The basis of Goju Ryu is appliances melee, which allows its use in tight spaces (lift, transport and crowd).

From modern sport karate different energy focus and high combat efficiency. Our organization, as the official representative of the Ukrainian Federation Goju Ryu karate competitions held municipal and regional levels, as well as in the national team, participating in national and international competitions, both in Ukraine and abroad.

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Очень хороший клуб ,тренер очень ответственный,внимательный с большим удовольствием занимается с детьми, можно сказать профессионал с большой буквы. Если Ваш ребёнок пойдёт к этому тренеру заниматься Вы не пожалеете .

Next to Cherkasy regional federation of goju-ryu karate-do Dzhundokan on Heroiv Dnipra

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