Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 9А

About the place

Educational and artistic center "Chance" is working in Kiev since 1999 and has 8 branches.

His disciples we offer spacious rooms for classes in different sections and study under the guidance of professional teachers, trainers and masters of sports of international level.

Classes in the branch Center "Chance" on Poznyaky place in school №303 (near the mall "Poznyaki").

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Next to Center "Chance" on Poznyaky

Sport school

Football school "Sunrise" on Poznyaky

Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 9А

(067) 506-54-93


Sports center "Triton"

Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 9А

(044) 564-91-45

Sport Club

Club «Sakura Dojo»

169 m. Anny Akhmatovoi St, 2А

(096) 663-55-30

Sport Club

Kyokushin Karate Club "Nodari Dojo"

172 m. Anny Akhmatovoi St, 2А

(096) 663-55-30

Sport Club

Branch calisthenics KDYUSSH "Champion" on Poznyaky

232 m. Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 10

(093) 739-60-78

Sport Club

Football club "Fortuna" on Dragomanov

232 m. Mykhaila Drahomanova St, 10В

(067) 323-92-96

Sport Club

Fitness club "AtletiKo"

429 m. Revutsʹkoho Street, 16a

(067) 440-64-62

Sport Club

Dance Studio "Flashback"

479 m. Drahomanova St, 6A

(073) 048-96-18

Sport Club

Sports club "Asama" on Drahomanova

571 m. Drahomanova St, 10V

(067) 525-37-49

Sports yard

Sports ground

592 m. Revuts'koho St, 20