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Our classes help instill a love of sport from an early age - the trainer determines your child’s individual abilities and carefully develops them in the training process

The first clubs of the Champion's network of children's football centers opened their doors in 2013. Today, there are more than 350 training centers throughout the CIS. About 6,000 children from the age of 3 years attend football training daily.
Professionalism and love for children is the main criterion for Champions in the selection of coaches. All instructors are experienced football players with higher education. All sports personnel are trained according to the Champions' original methodology, based on the development of leading football clubs and a subtle understanding of child psychology. A unique approach is the involvement of children in the game. Each lesson takes place as an adventure or a fairy tale story. This approach allows not only to keep the attention of the kids throughout the workout, but also forms the most vivid and positive attitude to the sport, teaches you to work in a team and not be afraid of physical exertion.
After studying at the Champion, children come to professional football schools more prepared physically, psychologically and technically.


Egorov Oleg


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Девочка Вселеной

Хороший лицей ❤
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Georgiy Akhaladze

Очень хорошая школа. Мои дети тут учатся
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Влад Мосов

Про школу сказать ничего не могу, но вот стадион и площадка тут что надо)
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Эдуард Дубков

Я работаю в школі дворніком.
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