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The main task of the Taekwondo Federation is the formation of an integral personality, the development of the students' physical potential, the nurturing of self-control, respect for others and for oneself. Students take part in competitions at various levels - regional, national, international. There are only 8 clubs in the Federation, so you can always choose a location convenient for you.

Members of «Cherkasy Regional Taekwondo Federation ITF»

Taekwondo (ITF)

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Cherkasy Federation of Mountaineering and Climbing

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Cherkasy Regional Kudo Federation (B. Khmelnitsky St.)

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School «Shorinjiryu Ken Sei Kai» on Blagovestnov

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Traditional Karate School "Okinawa" to Narbutivskiy

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Cherkasy Federation of Darts

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Cherkasy Regional Taekwondo Federation of ITF in school № 28

4,92 km. Heroiv Maidanu St, 3

(047) 266-18-95