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Regarding the combat aspect, before starting to seriously study it, a student of the traditional School of Martial Arts goes a hard way of educating his moral and volitional qualities, revealing and realizing in himself the truly human qualities that distinguish him from the animal. A person who follows this path becomes for others the source of joy, wisdom, inner beauty.

One of the most famous traditional martial arts trends not only in the East, but throughout the world, is Wing Chun, a style whose very name is associated with the girl’s name. Very remarkable is the story itself of creating style.

A serious study of the traditional application system begins with health techniques, and such work can and should be started at any age.

A set of groups is conducted:

1. Traditional Wing Chun (15 to 50, male and female)

In the study program:

Zen (psycho-physical exercise);
Joint gymnastics;
Power complex;
The basic technique of Wing Chun (strikes, blocks, unbalance, work on the joints, throws), with and without a partner;
Sticky hands (sensitivity exercises);
Qigong (strengthening the body and developing energy control);
Forms, etc.

2. Children's Wing Chun rug (Kung Fu) (from 5 years old, boys and girls)


Joint gymnastics;
Power complex;
Exercises to develop coordination, dexterity, endurance;
Outdoor and power games;
Elements of defense and attack (blocks, strikes, unbalance, throws, effects on the joints);
Fencing stick.

3. Qigong - the ancient art of health and longevity (from 15 years)

In the study program:

complexes for the development of muscles and tendons;
strengthening the internal organs;
joints and spinal column;
restoration of vision;
activation of protective energy, etc.

Classes are held in a specialized hall.

Waiting for you.

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