Dolobetskyi Island

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About the place

This is a true temple of testosterone sand, sweat and pink military-industrial metal Soviet times.

Walking between protruding from rough ground vehicles, can not get rid of the idea that people who have created such a fleet strength training should know more than the average visitor costly fitness center.

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Next to Gym in Hydropark

Sport Club

Horse-stunt theater "Skiff Art"

Dolobetskyi Island

(063) 645-21-18


Olmeca Plage

653 m. Hydropark

(044) 232-22-44

Sport school

Wake Club "4sports"

706 m. Hydropark, Kiev

(063) 135-59-39

Sports complex

Beach volleyball academy

823 m. Hydropark, Dolobetsky Island

(096) 905-55-55


Bathhouse on wood "Horseshoe" with access to the Dnieper

835 m. Dolobetsky Island

(066) 353-33-39

Sport school

Arsenal Academy

907 m. Hydropark, Dolobetsky Island

(073) 014-09-19


Stadium for beach sports

935 m. Долобецький острів, Гідропарк, Місто спорту

(093) 588-68-39


Staryy Dzhorat

947 m. Mykilsko-Slobidska St, 7, Kyiv, Ukraine, 02000

(098) 284-09-07

Sport section

Tais Pole & Party Place

959 m. 7 Andriy Abolmasov St

(093) 499-98-97