prospekt Sobornyi, 150

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About the place

Athletic Club Excellence meadow located on the territory of Tire on Pushkin 'Tees and Acacia. " The hall is equipped by shooting all types of bows and crossbows with any tension force. Meadowy Skill Sports Club provides training room as well as outdoors, away in a convenient place right in compliance with all safety regulations.

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Next to Sports Club Luch Mastership "Tradition"

Sport Club

Table Tennis Club "Super League"

8 m. Sobornyi prospekt, 150A

(093) 753-58-95

Sport Club

Combat Sambo club «Fight club RV»

42 m. Sobornyi Ave, 150А

(097) 171-05-46

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Studio "Sapphira-Dance"

68 m. prospekt Sobornyi, 109

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Children's club Aikido "Musubi-Kids"

92 m. Sobornyi Ave, 109

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Club Aikido and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu "Musubi Dojo" on Gorky

398 m. Poshtova St, 161А

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Sport Club

Football Academy «Talantika» in the Alexander area

409 m. Shkilna St, 1

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Sport school

School of Rhythmic Gymnastics on the street. school

482 m. Shkilna St, 11

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Sport Club

Fitness club "Elite"

856 m. Ukrainska street, 4

(061) 213-85-20

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Karate "Udzuki" club at school

1,04 km. Shkilna St, 36

(093) 659-11-17

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Karate "Udzuki" club at the Zaporozhye

1,05 km. Zaporiz'ka St, 4А

(093) 659-11-17