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All the money raised goes to support the site and St. Martin's Center, which takes care of children and families in crisis.
After the order of the football field is completed, expect an SMS to confirm! How to access the site

June 27, 2016 opens a new page in the life of fast soccer and tennis. We have long had a dream to build a playground so that the children of St. Martin's Center have the opportunity to play sports. Thanks to our friend from Warsaw, Mr. Sigmund, and our other friends, this dream has become a reality.

It is important to follow the rules of conduct at the site:
1. It is forbidden to play boots on an artificial surface, as it is not designed for these shoes. Thorns spoil the artificial grass. Our common goal is to serve the field as long as possible. Playing in futsal and centipede shoes is allowed.
2. It is forbidden to use alcohol \ narcotic substances, it is forbidden to smoke. The playground is a sports space for a charity social center, so let's keep it clean of bad habits.
3. It is forbidden to swear and disturb public peace during training. St. Martin's Center operates a kindergarten school, so we need to show children a decent example of behavior.
4. It is forbidden to damage the property of the center.

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Sergey Babenko

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Сергій Полторак

Є де в теніс у Фастові пограти :-)
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Гарно, сучасно
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