Park Druzhby narodiv, X-Park

About the place

Cportyvnaya school "Chestnut" 10 years organizes leisure activities for the whole family and sports training of children between four years.

Sports club designed so that students throughout the year, as much practiced outdoors. And every season mastered new sports.

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Next to Sports School "Chestnut"

Sport Club

Sport Club Dragon Boat Club Kyiv (DBC Kyiv)

0 m. park Druzhby Narodiv

(067) 247-50-05

70 m.

(097) 896-78-26

Sport school

70 m.

(093) 307-02-60

Sport Club

Summer camp "Z-Kashtan"

71 m. st. Protasov Yar, 23, Kiev

(067) 405-99-45

Sport Club

Children's camp Sport Camp Tiger

71 m. Park Muromets, Kiev

(063) 677-59-07

Sport Club

Tennis club "Tennispark"

71 m. Park "Muromets"

(067) 215-12-04

Sport Club

Summer Wakeboard Camp "Wakespace Kids Camp"

73 m. Muromets Park, Kyiv

(063) 136-25-85

Sport school

Z-Camp Summer Camp

76 m. парк Муромець, X-PARK

(093) 698-96-28

Sports yard

Extreme Race, off-road car track

158 m. Muromets Park

(063) 779-52-62

Sports yard

Muromets Disc Golf Park

392 m. Muromets Park

(066) 899-14-14