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Badminton club for adults and children in Kiev

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On the pages of the site you can get information about the activities of our club and learn about badminton in general.

Badminton is a wonderful sport that brings a lot of pleasure and benefit, both as a sports hobby and as a professional sports activity. Badminton exercises carry a charge of vitality and mood, contribute to the acquisition of a wide range of motor skills, develop strength, endurance, speed and speed of thinking, and have a positive effect on the overall physical development of the person as a whole.

Badminton is a fun and exciting game! Playing badminton you can have a great time, diversify your active leisure and leisure, arrange a corporate tournament, family competitions.

Badminton is a beautiful and entertaining game! It is distinguished by a stunning contrast of dynamism and softness, the accuracy of each movement. Incredible explosive movements and stunning attacking blows alternate with subtle graceful techniques on the net. From the game of masters on the court is simply not possible to break away!

Badminton for us is not just a hobby, it is part of our lifestyle and our main professional activity.

We would like to share the joy that badminton gives us every day! We invite everyone to visit our training sessions! A team of professional trainers will help you to master the technique of playing badminton, improve physical fitness and improve your health.

We conduct training sessions in sections for children and adults, as well as provide individual training services with experienced instructors .. We also provide courts for rent and organize the organization of holidays and events in a sports format.

We teach badminton to different people with different tasks - from health improvement to sports aspirations!

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