Shylivs'ka St, 38

About the place

We - one of the most prestigious and acclaimed dance schools and studios of the city of Poltava. We - the only specialized school, studying all styles and eastern tantsev.

My nurture champions of numerous competitions and festivals from the regional to the international level. Our leader - four-time winner of the World Cup among the "Super Star", the winner of numerous international competitions and festivals, the judge of the international class, two-time winner of the award "Person of the Year Ukrainian Association of Oriental Dance Performers" in the nomination "The best teacher training workshops" in 2014 and 2015, - Tamil deck.

Our individual approach, the division of the groups on the goals and levels of difficulty, we can offer training options for everyone - both for those who just want to learn to move gracefully, to support myself in shape, and for those who want to go on stage to participate in the various events, competitions and festivals.

Traditionally the official organizers of the Championship Poltava region UAVST.

We are multiple champions of the field among professional groups, winner of the area and multiple winners of the traditional Cup of Central Ukraine and other prestigious events.

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