Provulok Lyubarsʹkoho, 8

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Classes at the school office acrobatics Dmitry hook Sunny array are in a family of sports-entertainment center "Sunny", which is located opposite the entrance to the 7th Tower shopping center "Babylon".

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Sport Club

Family sports and entertainment center "Sunny"

Provulok Lyubarsʹkoho, 8

(050) 667-63-41

Sports federation

Aikido Patriot Satori on Progressive

120 m. Prohresyvna St, 1a

(050) 484-77-81

Sport Club

American football club «Spartans»

137 m. Liubarskoho St, 4а

(095) 129-07-96

Sport school

SDUSHOR № 6 at Progressive

150 m. Progressivnaya St, 3A

(056) 227-18-18

Sport Club

Sports hub "Regym". Babylon

163 m. 2 Marshal Malinowski St

(068) 883-50-06

Sport Club

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Branch of VGO

206 m. prov. 8, Bialystok, Dnipro

Sport Club

Boxing club "Ring"

213 m. Liubarskoho St, 8

(048) 794-12-53

Sport school

Real school fight "Combat Ju-Jutsu" on Belostotskoho

220 m. Belostotskoho Ln, 8

(050) 676-64-55

Sports federation
Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Radhospna

312 m. Radhospna St, 1

(050) 368-38-15