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The purpose and objectives Aikido classes - the harmonious development of personality, not only physical but also spiritual and moral.

Training process, in addition to exercise and techniques include meditation, which aim to control their thoughts and develop spirit.

The course instructor trying to be an example in all children always see them support and assistance. Coach constantly moving forward both technically and spiritually.

An integral part of the training process is summer and winter camps. They have, in addition to daily training, children also develop in the spiritual and moral direction, grow culturally. This theoretical study and meditation, and visit various cultural sites and just a wonderful time spent in a friendly team.

These children grow harmonious, moral, developed a spiritual and moral direction and become full members of society.

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Next to Aikido Patriot Satori on Progressive

Sport school

SDUSHOR № 6 at Progressive

79 m. Progressivnaya St, 3A

(056) 227-18-18

Sport Club

Family sports and entertainment center "Sunny"

120 m. Provulok Lyubarsʹkoho, 8

(050) 667-63-41

Sport Club

School acrobatics Dmitry hook Sunny

120 m. Provulok Lyubarsʹkoho, 8

(095) 380-97-38

Sports federation
Sport Club

American football club «Spartans»

169 m. Liubarskoho St, 4а

(095) 129-07-96

Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Radhospna

193 m. Radhospna St, 1

(050) 368-38-15

Sport Club

Dnipropetrovsk Regional Branch of VGO

201 m. prov. 8, Bialystok, Dnipro

Sport Club

Boxing club "Ring"

210 m. Liubarskoho St, 8

(048) 794-12-53

Sport school

Real school fight "Combat Ju-Jutsu" on Belostotskoho

230 m. Belostotskoho Ln, 8

(050) 676-64-55

Sport Club

Sports hub "Regym". Babylon

283 m. 2 Marshal Malinowski St

(068) 883-50-06