Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 176

About the place

The total area of ​​the gym is 1500 sq.m. Bright design will add to your training of sports exciting and competitive spirit, and a well-designed ventilation and air conditioning system will help you with this!

The territory of the sports club "OLIMP" is divided into zones that correspond to the sports that are included in our concept. Namely:

  • The field of athletics - 3 racecourses of 100 cm in width each, with a circle of 100 m, will allow you to improve your athletic qualities!
  • Weightlifting zone - two professional platform with weightlifting equipment will help you to improve your strength.
  • Gymnastics area is equipped with horizontal bars, bars, boxing pears, a large number of dumbbells, that is, all the necessary equipment for the aesthetics of your shape!

The crossfire zone is specially designed for the active contingent of our clients, who do not stop at the achievement and seek a permanent perfectionism.
Thus, in the conditions of one fitness center, fans of different kinds of sports and motor activity feel comfortable!

The gym is equipped with an optimal set of 24 cardiovascular devices that will help you lose weight, develop endurance, strengthen the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, as well as strength simulators from the leader of Ukrainian manufacturers of Inter Atletika.

The cozy fitness room will invite you to attend all the class activities that will please you! Among them: yoga, bodysheiping, step aerobics, 90-60-90, Fitness Mix, Zumba, TBW (Total Body Workout). Classes are included in the cost of morning or unlimited subscription. In the free time group you can also practice in the fitness room or relax after a hard workout.

In order to achieve a better result from training, and restoring the vivacity, the energy for you is the SPA-zone, namely - a joint sauna for men and women, which is included in the cost of our unlimited subscription.


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