Akademika Tupolieva St, 22Д

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Specialized children and youth school of Olympic reserve №6 Athletics Department of Education Shevchenko district in Kyiv State Administration established in 1970. SDUSHOR-6 belongs to the category of non-school education and is part of the educational system. SDUSHOR-6 activities aimed at development of abilities and talents of children, pupils and students, meet the creative interests, spiritual needs and requirements in the future. Students of the school have the opportunity to improve their sports skills to the best sports facilities in Kyiv, using the most modern sports equipment. The main base for sports training sessions Stadium "Pioneer". A modern stadium "Pioneer", equipped with all the necessary sports and physical activity, is a favorite place for recreation whole neighborhood Nivki. Through sports, sporting events, art and sports festival organizer and active participant of which is SDUSHOR-6, the stadium is a renowned center of sport around Kiev. Doors sports center stadium SDUSHOR-6 "Pioneer" always open to welcoming everyone to lead an active sports life. Work team SDUSHOR-6 is intended to sports and physical education became the norm of daily lives of our youth and society.

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