5 Umanskaya Street, Kyiv

About the place

“Nova” is a Kiev club in Ultimate, founded in 2010. We take sports and training seriously. We are disciplined, we are ambitious, we are team. We have a streamlined training process and experienced captains. We have a good training base and have everything you need for training. In a short period, we have become one of the best teams in Ukraine. We need new players, so you have the opportunity to become part of the team

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aequitas aequitas

There are a lot sport sections. Swimming pool, football, gymnastics. The equipment is old fashioned, but usable.
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Svetlana Bushkova

Wonerful place for exercising
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Anastezia Reynolds

This stadium and pitch is very good, it's grass and was very easy to play on. It has a broken track in asphalt around it, and has several buildings in which the gymnasium, and changing rooms, and broken bathrooms (not very clean). It has a stadium outlook so there are chairs around the field but they're broken and chipped.
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Lera Slobodeksty

I love this pool! I spent all my childhood and teenage time here in this very spot!
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Next to NOVA. Kyiv Ultimate Club


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Children's and youth sports school of fencing "Army"

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CYSS "Youth of Kyiv" in gymnastics

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American football club "Vityaz"

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