Trukhaniv Island (Dovbichka Beach), Kiev

About the place

“Nova” is a Kiev club in Ultimate, founded in 2010. We take sports and training seriously. We are disciplined, we are ambitious, we are team. We have a streamlined training process and experienced captains. We have a good training base and have everything you need for training. In a short period, we have become one of the best teams in Ukraine. We need new players, so you have the opportunity to become part of the team

Review 5

Max Breacker

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Igor Radostev

Nudic and gay beach. Flirt factor
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Good Beach.clean and beauty. This place was chosen by nudists.
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Yuriy Lazebnyi

A nice quiet democratic place where you most likely don't see alcoholics with vodka, fat spiteful women and gopniks. There's no loud music. It's a good place for sunbathing. And I can't that there are no beautiful girls - dozens. Ukrainian girls! :-)
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Фёкла Карлеоне

Couple years before it was nice not so..a lot people who come not for enjoy nature but with sick mind..))
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