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"Healing Impulse" - one system for every life: athlete, disabled, ordinary person. It has a comprehensive approach, psychology, philosophy, spirituality; exercise, diet, fasting, tempering, daily routine. We teach the art of care giving tools. This complete freedom from sportzalov.Tolko clinics and individual approach, individual programs and system settings.

Workout anywhere - you do not need a gym.

Takes minimum time - exercise 20 to 60 minutes.

Without simulators and encumbrances - only your weight, your body.

Without the stress on the spine - axial load is not helpful.

Recovering from injuries - 8 rules that help system.

For athletes and older - the system is very flexible and customizable.

Scientifically grounded system - live anatomy, scientific papers.

Weight loss or normalization - you can bring your weight back to normal.

Practicing the three main components - the spirit, the mind, the body.

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