prospekt Metalurhiv, 17A

About the place

Fitness club Oval - club comfort. We are different from other fitness centers Zaporozhye their attitude to create the atmosphere of the club. Powerful ventilation and air conditioning, high-quality audio sound, great view from the panoramic windows, attentive staff and quality equipment - all appreciate the clients for whom quality is important.

The gym represented power equipment known company Interatletika series X-line. The correct course of biomechanical simulators combined with elegance and smooth forms.

Of special note is cardio. Treadmills and Orbitreki American firm Sports Art - our offer for lovers of comfort without running the city. The same track used in the reality show "Zvazheni and schaslivi" on TV STB.

Staff of the club is for your comfort. At the reception, each visitor will receive full information about all services of the club. The administrator will help you choose from a variety of training areas is the one that you like.

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