About the place

Fitness center "President" was originally planned and built as a fitness center, with all relevant regulations and requirements.

All rooms are built with only natural materials. Floorboards taken from Baikal. Ceilings filed with the board of Carpathian pine. Walls - a natural brick. No synthetic materials because they mostly contain phenols (phenol - a poison).

Of great importance is the air, the more that the main our goal - to promote health. In our fitness center, no air conditioning, which are themselves the source of the bacteria and therefore disease. We installed chillers and fan coils Japanese firm «Daikin».

Constantly working ventilation system. Air is fed into the room through industrial filters. Because of this, natural materials and ceiling height of five meters in the halls of air is always fresh and never smell of sweat. Pot - is the same poison, its detrimental effect on health written numerous articles.

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