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Shito-ryu style of karate, created by Kenwa Mabouni (1889-1952). Is one of the main and oldest karate styles. Compared to Sotokan, Sith-ryu is a little closer to the old Okinawan style, which can be seen when comparing Kak Okinawan and modern Japanese styles.

The Sith-ryu includes all 18 kata Serin-ryu, all 16 kata Serey Ryu, the Chinese style of the White Crane. In addition, this style includes kata, developed by the master Mabun. In the course of training, the following kaths are learned: Pinan 1-5, Bassay-dai (Passay), Bassay-se, Goji-yushi (Oseisi), Kosokun-da (Kusyanku), Sotin, Tinto, Tinthey, Nissiyoshi, Matsukadze, Unsu, Santin, Tense, Saif, Seytentin, Seipay, Seysan, Suarimpey and others, but there are more than 50 kata in the style, more than any other.

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Next to Karate branch of the Kiev Federation of Shito-ryu at Khmelnitsky

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