Moskovskyi Ave, 94

About the place

Taekwondo - a type of Korean martial art, which was established April 11, 1955 South Korean Army Gen. Choi Hong Hee.

Hallmark Taekwondo is a highly sophisticated and powerful technology kicks.

Higher skill - demonstration of several strokes in one jump in different directions.

No other kind of martial arts even close to approaching the variety of Taekwondo kicks jump.

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Next to Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Moskovskyi Ave

Sport school

Group Capoeira «Unicar» near the Plaza of the Rebellion

11 m. Moskovs'kyi Ave, 94

(050) 287-40-75

Sport Club

Club Kung Fu Wing Chun and Chinese boxing "Mei"

11 m. Moskovs'kyi Ave, 94

(097) 970-12-19

Sport Club

Dance Center "Litvinoff Dance"

11 m. Moskovskyi Ave, 94

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Sport Club

Sports petanque club "Kharkiv"

371 m. 5А Bryansk Lane

Sport Club

Sports Club "Thor" Tarasovskaya

501 m. Tarasivska St, 6А

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Sport Club

Fitness club «Stimul»

549 m. Moskovs'kyi Ave, 86А

(063) 668-63-49

Sport Club

Gym «ArmStrong»

643 m. Moskovs'kyi Ave, 97

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Sport Club

Karate "Mikado" club on Moskovsky Prospect

643 m. Moskovs'kyi Ave, 97

(093) 574-38-72

Sport Club

Karting club "Leader"

655 m. 2 Maidan Defenders of Ukraine

(057) 764-53-55

Sports federation

Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine on Iskrynska

685 m. Iskrynska St, 28

(050) 368-38-15