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Why did I choose for myself TRX?!

1. Beautiful healthy back! TRX exercises help improve posture and strengthen the spine.

2. Muscular corset = perfect feminine press. With TRX processed deep muscles stabilizing muscles bark, which is not always done in conventional training.

3. Elastic round yahoditsy????Imenno TRX helps to load the muscles of the buttocks at execution attacks squats and bear your weight on your heels.

4. Develops my body in three dimensions in 3D.

5. "Do not take stupid head, heavy hands" - one of the favorite sayings applies to TRX. I love to workout without the encumbrance of its own weight. Technique exercises is quite simple to understand.

6. Versatility! You can take a favorite loop at any point on the planet. And the mood to engage in training different from intensivnosti- Pilates workout to "sea lions".

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