Киев, улица Пушкинская, 8-Б.

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In 1989, the football community of the metropolitan region rallied into the regional football club, which became the first in union football to become an independent public organization operating on the basis of full self-financing. The honorary head of the club was Viktor Melnyk, a civil servant, and Nikolai Kirsanov, the first in the history of full-time head of regional football, as the working deputy chairman.
Oleg and Anatoly Loevsky, Volodymyr Nogachevsky, Vyacheslav Koydan, Vyacheslav Porokhnyuk, Oleksandr Avramenko performed the leading functions exclusively on a voluntary basis ... In 1997, the Kyiv regional football federation, which assumed all rights to the self-supporting club, was registered in the official legal bodies, and Nikolai Kirsanov was elected the first full chairman. After the death of Kirsanov, the duties of chairman were assigned to his first deputy Alexander Tobacco. Legitimately elected for this position in the summer of 1998, he has been re-elected as the helper of regional football for three more times - 2001, 2005 and 2009. Anatoly Prysyazhnyuk was elected chairman of the Extraordinary Conference of the KOFF in March 2012. The last time and the eighth polling conference was held on May 14, 2016. By the members of the executive committee of the Kyiv regional football federation, 25 specialists and public figures of regional football were chosen. Maxim Melnychuk became the head of KOFF.

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