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The history of diving in Ukraine dates back to the ancient times when the first flippers and scuba divers appeared in the former USSR. The large number of reservoirs with different fauna, access to the seas, gave impetus to the fascination of many people with this sport. Yes, I did not spell it, it is a sport, as diving with scuba diving without the buoyancy compensators required comprehensive physical training, which submarines received in the clubs of underwater sports. Members of such clubs were not only scuba diving enthusiasts, but to a large extent athletes engaged in one or more sports. Beginning in 1959 in the USSR, and then in Ukraine the Federation of underwater sports was created.

At the beginning of its development, the program of competitions in underwater sports was built on the principle of underwater all-round competitions: swimming in flippers, diving in speed, underwater orientation and group exercise for the whole team with elements of orientation and underwater work. The evolution of underwater sports has led to the division of underwater all-around in 1969 into two types: underwater orientation and high-speed underwater sports. In the future, competitions were also held on sports underwater shooting, underwater hunting, swimming in flippers for long (marathon) distances.

The brilliant successes of Ukrainian athletes at All-Union and International competitions stimulated the further development of underwater sports in Ukraine. Diving clubs were established, where the main activities were underwater tourism, underwater archeology, underwater exploration. Thanks to the help of underwater swimmers, the Ukrainian scuba diving “Ukraine 2” was developed, masks and flippers were built, underwater houses were built.

The new splash occurred in 1996, when the Federation of Underwater Sports and Underwater Activities of Ukraine was created, which later became a member of CMAS. This name was justified by a new type of scuba diving - diving.
Along with underwater sports such as: flipping, underwater orienteering, underwater hunting, underwater shooting at targets, underwater photography, freediving, aquaton, diving began to actively develop. This outfit had to be taught to use by people who wanted to see the beauty of the underwater world. Based on CMAS international standards, diving clubs have been established in Ukraine and international diving instructors have been trained.

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