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Center "FUTURE" offers sporting activities for adults and children!

- pop dance

- Pilates

- Yoga

- Yoga and Pilates for Pregnancy

Pop dance - a new trend in dance. This is a combination of several dance styles like hip-hop, modern, funk, jazz, classical, and others. Pop dance roots lie in folk art. Currently, variety dance is a bright, spectacular stage productions. The most important element is pop dance improvisation. This style is important not only technically correctly perform all elements of dance and acting and possessions, ability to creatively approach the dance performances. Variety dance - the whole idea is that you can learn in the center "FUTURE". Open two groups of children, junior and starshaya.PILATES - a set of exercises for the whole body that develops flexibility and mobility. Pilates - one of the safest modes of training. No other exercises do not provide such a mild effect on the body, while strengthening it. Pilates training on the system is so secure that it is used for replacement therapy after spinal injuries. The name "Pilates" was named after the creator of the system, Joseph Pilates.

YOGA - it is best that everyone can give himself. This is the easiest way to relax, giving the world body and spirit. The goal of yoga - to establish order in the physical, emotional, social and spiritual level.

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