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Gyms equipped for martial arts.
We invite children and adults to practice Korean martial arts TAEKWON-DO!
The Taekwon-do Cobukson Club was established in Kherson in 2003 and is a member of the National Taekwondo Federation of Ukraine.
The club accepts all interested persons, regardless of age and level of physical fitness. Classes in our club allow you to improve your physical condition, strengthen your health and learn how to manage your body.
Our students have the opportunity to compete at any level and level. Biannual certification is done annually, which gives a huge incentive for further improvement. During the summer holidays, sports and health camps are organized, where you can not only raise your level of skill, but also have a good rest.
The training process takes place in the best traditions of this martial arts. Children and adults are involved in different groups, which in turn are divided by age and level of preparedness. In children's groups, teaching is conducted in the form of a game, cultivating the basic physical qualities and strength of the spirit.
Classes are held 3-6 times a week. In children's groups, training lasts 1-1.5 hours, in adult groups - 1.5-2. There is an opportunity to attend additional training, for those who wish there are individual trainings, the program of which is composed by our instructors according to your physical condition and capabilities.
Our halls are located:
Northern street street Buchma, 14
Residential street Freetown, 82 (School # 46),
Island Street Paton, 15 (gymnasium number 3).
You can always get detailed information about the cost of classes, the work of the halls, the grouping and the schedule of trainings by calling (050) 721-28-07, e-mail:
We will gladly answer your questions!

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