Lychakivska St, 38

About the place

Our training instructors are highly qualified, Mast his craft, each with a number of his victories and achievements in the beloved. It is very important we give a physical aspect of training, developing strength, endurance, agility and intelligence, and spiritual aspects of teaching properly use this power and to be humble and courageous, kind, honest, responsible, wise and dignified solve problems.

Skin floor, our pupils ma tion mozhlivist pidtverditi svoy abilities and skills and pass certification on cherhviy skill level, gender is a step closer to urovnja black belt. Our club is the official representative in Ukraine WKO our licensed certification and all viznayutsya WKO kyokushin karate clubs all over the world.

Our instructors - all the coaches for calling for us map it is a matter of life and we are enthusiastic and patience to pass on the best of what we know and know how. Coach and mentor is one, strict and demanding, he is always ready to support and encourage the growth of the road.

As part of the competition involving our athletes, we always include a cultural program that we have the opportunity to learn about interesting places and relax after a job well done. Only recently our athletes visited Poland, Germany, the Netherlands, France, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Bulgaria, Switzerland and Spain, visited Disneyland and Asterix Park and more.

We employ 41 Hall in Lvov and region, choose comfortable.

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