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Mountain hiking, trekking, climbing, rafting and rafting, paragliding-independent, paragliding with an instructor, paragliding training, ski tours - Kiev extreme club SKYCLUB has been doing all this since 1999.
The organizer of the club, Alexander Fedak, took part in his first mountain hike in the Caucasus back in 1984, and since 1986, every year he led several hikes and ascents a year, reaching the management of the sixth (highest category of difficulty) hikes.
The paragliding school began operating in 2000.
We have been running a ski tour to Bukovel since 2005.
We offer both routes we have walked many times, where we know every stone, and new ones, where we go for the first time.

How do we compare favorably with many of our colleagues who offer similar tours?
1. At first, we ourselves went on sports trips and participated in sports ascents, then led sports groups, and only then began to organize commercial tours.
2. Usually our hikes are distinguished by increased sportiness and technicality - we have sporting experience - we can afford, as a result, where everyone offers a hike, we offer a hike with ascents or a more difficult (more beautiful) hike.
3. We are all-rounders - with us you will feel great in the mountains, on the river, at sea, in the sky and on the ski slope.
4. Some of our routes have been unique and exclusive for many years, for example around Lake Baikal and the Lycian Sea Route.
5. Many "clubs" work in the office of a travel agency, selling other people's tours, while they themselves have never been there - you can easily verify this by looking at many offers on the Internet - the same clone texts with the same photos :) ). We do not resell other people's tours - everything that we offer, we conduct ourselves.
6. We do not steal other people's photos :)), usually they are stolen from us :(. When temporarily using someone else's materials in new routes, we always give an active link to the source - you always know if we were where we invite you.

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