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Club dance "Diamond-Elite" is included in the International Dance Union, the Union of NGOs dancesport Ukraine, Kyiv City DanceSport Association. 3 judges of international class, 15 young creative professional trainers, 600 dancers and athletes of all ages - this is our club.

Our graduates work as coaches in Kiev and Kiev region, Kherson, White Church, Lutsk, Izmail, Chisinau Irkutsk. More than 10 of our students in professional dance groups around the world. Together with Danceservice developed and automated authoring program "Certification" as a system of incentives, training and quality control dancing young dancers. Under this system are clubs in different parts of Ukraine. We have organized mass sporting events.

Our students IDU World Champions 2013. in Latin program among fans Filinyuk Nazar and Iryna, 4 pairs world-class, 8 pairs of «A» class 15 pairs «B» class Championship finalists Ukraine in category "Juveniles" (7-11 years).

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