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Ukrainian Karate Association Kyokushinkai

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Karate training is the key to excellence!

Karate is a path and a healthy lifestyle, whether it is an adult or a child. Features of Kyokushinkai karate is that it is a power, athletic, full-contact type of karate.

In addition to improving physical qualities and improving health, you become a strong, strong spirit and body man.

What does karate teach?

• Self-discipline

• Self Defense

• Technique and techniques of Karate

• Stamina

• Hard work and perseverance

• Ability to overcome difficulties and strive for victory

• Respect for elders

Classes are held by Sensei Doronin Sergey Olegovich (4 dan), world champion

Children's groups: from 8 years old

Adult groups: no age limit

Course volume: 3 workouts per week

Contacts: Kiev, st. Anna Akhmatova 14 a; st. Anna Akhmatova 33

+380 (99) 383 28 68 Viber

+380 (98) 239 93 98


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