About the place

There are many organizations who practice aikido.

Academy aikido "JAN" was created for knowledge of the laws of harmony.

It is important that each student had opened their ability to continue could share with others.

We do not give up on anything, what we can learn from martial arts.

The emergence of the Academy was a natural result of practice and search through Budo

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Next to Kagami Dojo (Aikido Academy "Conscience and Honor")

Sport Club

Handball club "Karpaty"

303 m. Zan'kovets'koi St, 5

Sports complex

Sports complex "Yunist"

314 m. Zan'kovets'koi St, 5

(031) 267-19-96

Sport Club

SK "Diuna-95"

533 m. Zan'kovets'koi St, 2

(031) 222-16-05

Sport school

School of Oriental Dance "Stage" on Shvabska St, 47

572 m. Shvabska St, 47

(095) 244-45-34

Sport Club

Squash Club

591 m. Vulytsya 8-Ho Bereznya, 12

(066) 671-31-22

Sport Club

Squash club "Prime"

592 m. Mynaiska St, 16В

(066) 671-31-22

Sport section

Korolovych Team

781 m. Zan'kovets'koi St, 17А

(050) 017-74-55

Sport school

School of Oriental Dance "Stage" on Shvabska St, 7

802 m. Shvabska St, 7

(095) 244-45-34

Sport school

High school sports school

837 m. Shvabska St, 7

(031) 261-44-33

Sport Club

Fitness club ALEX PRO

844 m. Novaka St, 2

(066) 646-47-77