Ushakova Ave, 23

About the place

Dynamic yoga for those looking for a totally new sensations who seek to awaken and develop the unknown, until now, the possibility of his body.

I have developed a program of classes designed for people deprived of opportunities to engage in fitness for different reasons.

With this program:

- Removed restriction in the body, worked out every muscle, ligament and the entire skeletal system.

- effective method of correction.

- Stimulates the internal organs.

- Body Therapy and Rehabilitation - recovery from injuries, operations, accidents, long illness.

- relieves back pain and knees.

- Fix a problem with congestion in the pelvic area (constipation, gynecology, urology).

- non-surgical treatment of herniated spine.

Being set group:

- Yoga for pregnant women.

- family group (parents with children from 2 years).

- Male.

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