Bohdana Khmel'nyts'koho St, 16

Prices & Services

One-time visit
грн 40.0
Individual training program
грн 50.0
Personal training
1 person
грн 100.0
Personal training
2 people
грн 160.0

About the place

"Feel Good" Fitness Club (Phil Goode) - a Ukrainian chain of affordable sports clubs operating in the field of fitness services since 2009!

The main idea of ​​the fitness club "Feel Good" (Phil Goode) is the ability to exercise for anyone wanting to. We have the best prices on club cards and additional services among sports clubs in this segment. Despite the low prices in our fitness clubs, every year we discover more and more high-quality projects, which use more expensive and professional equipment, as well as interior design and decoration materials. Life in this modern metropolis requires daily additional forces. And nothing is better than fitness activities and sports will not help you to restore your energy balance. A modern fitness club - it is an effective way to get the perfect shape, good mood and self-confidence. The cozy atmosphere of our clubs and highly qualified staff will help you as soon as possible to achieve the desired result. Fitness room, equipped with all necessary modern equipment, will help in the overall strengthening of your health, correction and removal of stress and professional line of cardio exercise equipment to achieve amazing results. In addition to strengthening the cardiovascular system, you will get a slim, beautiful figure and a huge charge of energy for the whole day. And what could be better than a beautiful body, combined with a cheerful spirit. Group classes in aerobics effectively promote weight loss, increase muscle tone, and your mood. You will be pleasantly surprised by the variety of programs offered, from classical and step aerobics to cutting edge training Tai-bo, Pilates, Yoga. Aerobics - is the best way to maintain good physical shape and good mood. "Feel Good" (Phil Goode) - a fitness club, where prices more than democratic.

 If you've decided to buy an excellent fit and ready for regular training, then come to us and get our fitness club card club. We are confident that you will become regular visitor of our fitness club, which will be for you a favorite place of rest and exercise!

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