Metalurhiv St, 17а

About the place

Krav Maga Federation of Ukraine - a structural unit of the Israeli Protect, which focuses on training riot guards and staff. Federation instructors specializing in teaching civilians under 16 years, the system of physical fitness and self-defense Krav Maga, which includes: education awareness, personal safety skills and objective assessment of potential threats to health and life.

The realization that successful self-defense - to avoid situations in which you want to apply learned skills; self-defense courses aimed at creating a set of measures and symmetric threat of effective responses to protect yourself and loved ones; cumulative development of physical and psychological health of students, teaching counteract stress and aggression management.

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Next to Branch «Krav Maga Ukraine» on Metallurgov

Sport Club

Studio Ravlyk

10 m. Metalurhiv St, 17

(099) 708-66-42

Sport Club

Sports club "Iron House"

99 m. Metalurhiv St, 17а

(095) 752-95-11

Sport Club

Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

346 m. Metalurhiv St, 16

(050) 307-32-72


Stadium "Avangard"

653 m. Truda St, 5

(054) 267-13-40

Sport school

School of Oriental Dance "Sahara"

933 m. Hor'koho Square, 5

(050) 236-62-86

Sport school

Sports School "Starttennis" on Yaroslava Mudroho

1,05 km. Yaroslava Mudroho St, 2

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Sport school

Coach "Frunzenets"

1,30 km. Hor'koho St, 6

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Sport school

School of Kundalini Yoga on the street. Gorky

1,33 km. Hor'koho St, 5

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Sport school

Yoga studio "School Health"

1,33 km. Hor'koho St, 5

(050) 777-82-61

Sport Club

Karate club «Terra-Skif» (HQ Gosoku Ryu Budo Ukraine) on Shevchenka

1,44 km. Tarasa Shevchenka Ave, 17

(050) 637-76-17