Horodotska St, 174

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Taekwondo - a type of Korean martial art, which was established April 11, 1955 South Korean Army Gen. Choi Hong Hee.

Hallmark Taekwondo is a highly sophisticated and powerful technology kicks.

Higher skill - demonstration of several strokes in one jump in different directions.

No other kind of martial arts even close to approaching the variety of Taekwondo kicks jump.

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Next to Federation Taekwon-to ITF of Ukraine (motor-car factory)

Sport Club

Sports club "Intersport"

6 m. Horodotska St, 174

(063) 951-45-32

Sport Club

Kyokushinkai Karate Sports Club "Kanku" on Vyhovskoho

275 m. Vyhovskoho St, 7A

(063) 861-03-51

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Sport Club

Uragan Karate Club

945 m. 7, Karadicha St, Lviv

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Boxing and kickboxing club "Lemberg"

961 m. Slastiona St, 3

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Sports club "Ronin" on Lyubinskaya

965 m. Liubinska St, 90b

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Sport section

Athletics SC "Athlete"

981 m. 3, Dozvilna st

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Women's fitness club "FitCurves"

984 m. Liubinska St, 100

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Aikibujutsu Academy «Minami»

984 m. Dozvilna St, 3

(032) 253-53-53

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Sports club "Spinner" in the Railway area

1,01 km. Vyhody St, 27

(093) 691-59-99