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Fitness Center together "Terms" is not just a place where involved in fitness, where huge gyms and friendly to their clients trainers and managers. Our fitness center - is, above all, the atmosphere. The atmosphere of comfort, peace and health that surrounds you from the first steps and leaves throughout the stay. This island proper and pleasant pastime, sports center, where health is cultivated and praise to the rank of life.

Sports group "Terms" - a team of professionals who love and appreciate their business. Two gyms for individual and group training equipped multifunctional projectiles for the most diverse classes. Nice music, good acoustics and attentive instructors help to feel pleasure from physical activity. Your trainer see to technique exercises will monitor your progress, so you did not stop there, time will change program changes if required load. And most importantly - provide psychological support for employment, it is lacking when doing your own!

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Next to Water and recreation complex "Terme"

Sport Club

Studio "Zen"

161 m. Haharina Ave, 14

(050) 481-44-40

Sport Club

Club "Spirit of Champions" on Gagarin

161 m. Haharina Ave, 14

(068) 766-95-34

Sport Club

Sport klub «Sport Siti»

171 m. prospekt Haharina, 43

(056) 767-53-39

Sport Club

Football Early Development Center «Footbik» (Dnipro)

408 m. Haharina St, 27

(099) 100-51-00

Sport Club

Fitness club "Ferrum +" on Gagarin

409 m. Haharina Ave, 27

(067) 568-11-89


Pool Medical Academy

430 m. Sevastopolska St, 17

(056) 744-32-46

Sport section

Mixed Martial Arts Section (MMA) on Budnytskoho

443 m. Haharina Ave, 26

(067) 737-90-54

Sport Club

Children's club «Kid Fit»

590 m. Vasylia Zhukovskoho St, 27а

(067) 641-49-49

Sport section

Center of martial traditions

591 m. Prospect Gagarinа, 44

(067) 972-25-52

Sport Club

"Dnipro on a trampoline"

592 m. Chernyshevs'koho St, 24А

(096) 538-95-81