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Kiev Esynkay Aikido Federation invites parents and their children to practice aikido school Esynkay Aikido (Aikido Police) in South Borshchagovka.

Aikido is an art - which teaches man to live in harmony with oneself, with nature, with the surrounding nature, humans and the universe. The literal translation of the word "aikido" means:

- "K" means the way;

- "Ki" means energy;

- "Ai" means harmony.

Today aikido - a martial art that teaches a person to self-defense by one or more opponents, and also before the armed men. Used in Aikido does not own the power and energy of the attacker. Aikido also includes more than hundred different movements and techniques differ.

Although Aikido - the art of unarmed combat, though its full course involves fighting with sticks, knives and a wooden sword.

An important aspect of training - the same clothes. The same clothes will make anyone who is on the mat, equal. All who stand on the mat - students, not one of them only instructor, so they are all equal. Clothes for trainings called "dogs", it also allows you to concentrate on training, staying focused on the social status of the person.

Aikido - a martial art in which no competition and training are held constant repetition of various techniques to such an extent until they become familiar to the student. Almost all the training take place in tandem with a partner, each student must learn to feel the other person time and space. Alternately, each partner will either attack or defend. Developing the spirit of unity, and developing intuition and introspection.

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