Naberezhna Peremohy St, 82B

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The most successful combination of all that is necessary to achieve good shape! The main advantage of our club is that you - this is the most important person for us. If you are faced with equations like: Show full ..- well equipped room - high price and corresponding price - old, creaky trenazhery- convenient price, good room - inconsiderate trenerEsli YOU us - these problems remain once and for all !!! You will meet a bright and cozy room, equipped with new modern facility, comfortable locker rooms, comfortable shower and clean toilet. Appropriate music will create the necessary mood for effective training. Alexander always attentive coach will help you: develop a personal training program based on your level of fitness; help in performing complex exercise and control the accuracy of their performance; moral support and kind words effervescent yumorom.I course, you will enjoy our pleasantly affordable prices!

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