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Approved by President of Combat Ju-Jutsu Federation of Ukraine
mr. Vladyslav Shypinskyi

Approved by President of Combat Ju-Jutsu International Federation mr. Nikolay Vasiliev

IX Combat Ju-Jutsu World championship

- CJJIF - mr. Vladyslav Shypinskyi (Ukraine)
combat-jujutsu@ukr.net / https://www.facebook.com/cjjif
+38-067-858-38-45 Viber / +38-066-140-20-77 WhatsApp
- - Ministry of Youth and Sports of Ukraine
- The venue of the event will be sports complex “Kyiv Palace of Sports”,
Address: Sportyvna square 1, Kyiv, Ukraine / metro station Palace of Sports

The weighting, drawing, registration, mandatory commission will held at the conference-hall of «Tourist Hotel Comlex ***», R. Okipnoi str. 2 / metro station «Livoberezhna»

Friday, 18/10/2019
Free Time, Reception of delegations, resettlement, city-tours.
15-00 Registration, weighting, referee seminars, drawing, mandatory commission
18.00 – 20.00 – CJJIF annual congress
Saturday, 19/10/2018 Competition day
08.00 - participants gathering
09.00 – 15.00 - Fights in the Combat Ju-Jutsu "Close Contact" section in all weight categories;
14.00 – 14.30 Opening Ceremony
15.00 – 20.00 - Fights in the Combat Ju-Jutsu "Full Contact" section in all weight categories;
20.00 – 20.50 – Self-Defense Section of Combat Ju-Jutsu
21.00: CJJ Professional fights Section
22.00: Awarding ceremony
Sunday, 14/10/2018
11.00 – 14.00 Combat Ju-Jutsu master-class seminar
Sports hall “Spartakovets”, Marshala Malinovskogo str. 34, metro station «Obolon»
15.00 - Banquet
Departure of teams
Participation single pass for one category – 40 euro
Participation double pass for two categories – 60 euro
Combat Ju-jutsu master-class seminar – 20 euro
The referee teams is provided by Combat Ju-Jutsu International Federation for their competition. Each team obliged to provide a certified referee at the rate of 1 referee for every 10 competitors but at least 1 referee from the team! Teams that do not comply with this requirement are penalized at the rate of $ 100 for each unrepresented judge.
Medical support of the event
- Chief traumatologist doctors
- Emergency medical team
CJJIF propose accommodation in Kyiv with prices from 25 euro (breakfast include) for 1 person in the «Tourist Hotel Comlex ***», R. Okipnoi str. 2 / metro station «Livoberezhna».


• Chief Justice of Competitions:
- Mammadov Rasul - Azerbaijan

• Chief Secretary of the competitions:
- Vladyslav Shypinskyi - Ukraine

Participants in the championship:

- Allowed to the competitions for men & women (participants aged over 18, juniors 16-17) teams of national teams of Combat Ju-Jutsu (not less than 1 and not more than 3 participants in the each weight category).

Weight categories:
• Sections Full-Contact & Close-Contact
Adults (men 18 years and older) - to 57 kg, to 63 kg, to 70 kg, to 77 kg, to 85 kg, to 92 kg, over 92 kg.
Women 18 and older -50 kg -56 kg -62 kg -68 kg -74 kg -80 kg Over 80 kg
Juniors 16-17 years men: to 55 kg, to 60 kg, to 65 kg, to 70 kg, to 75 kg, to 80, over 80 kg.
Juniors 16-17 years women –to 47 kg -53 kg -59 kg -65 kg -71 kg -77 kg Over 77 kg

The preliminary application for participation in competitions and bookings of hotels must be filed by no later than 15 september 2019. Teams having not submitted within the prescribed periods, the application shall not be covered in some places. Competition allowed the team that contributed to the credentials committee competitions application in the prescribed form (required visa physician and money. "Institutions) as well as athletes, participating personally and have contributed money. certificate, a qualification ticket, passport or birth certificate and a certificate with a photograph attested by a Notary.

Judges Uniforms: black pants or suit, white shirt.
Referee: white shirt, black suit, black butterfly)
Side Judge: white shirt, black pants, black bow-tie
Trainers: just in sportswear, dock sides.
Representatives - casually clothes.

Conditions of Registration.
Each participant must submit to the credentials committee the following documents that confirm his identity:
• Passport (military ID) or birth certificate;
• Budo-passport or original / xerox machine-copy of the current appraisal certificate
• Applications for participation in the competitions of a standard form with a tolerance of a physician;
• The insurance policy of voluntary insurance;

Each participant must be in the next uniform and have protectors:
• White or blue pure GI with the emblem of CJJIF , the national federation emblem and the country's flag on the left shoulder;
• Color belts must meet the qualifying level;
• protectors: a helmet, protectors of the groin, breasts (for men and women), protectors on the shins with the protection of the feet are used in the competitions among individual categories of secular parties in accordance with rules approved.

CJJIF GI Standart:

• Tournaments for Combat Ju-Jutsu are conducted according the official full rules of the Combat Ju-Jutsu International Federation (CJJIF) :
- Full-contact Section
- Close-contact Section
- Section Self-Defense

• Combat Ju-Jutsu Federation of Ukraine – Vladyslav Shypinskyi (President of CJJFU)


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