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Training in martial arts are taught in this club since the 80s. The only difference is that in those years there was no name of MMA, and was a close fight, wrestling, boxing and martial arts. Since then, the methods of teaching and training program has undergone significant improvements, after a long course of evolution in accordance with the rules of amateur sport competitions and professional bouts. Coach passed a long way and have a teaching experience of more than 15 years. It has released a huge amount of certified masters all over Ukraine, who have successfully taught in the various sports federations and clubs of Ukraine. It is noteworthy that many eminent future athletes on such types of martial arts began with the Eastern schools of martial arts - Muay Boran, Okinawan Karate, Chinese martial arts, and then perfected his technique in sports areas in preparation for the prestigious tournament - K-1, M-1, Pride other. But anyway, often returning to the roots - to the basic and advanced elements of the school, only this time for a new look at them and adding something new (but, in fact, the long-forgotten old) in their professional technical arsenal. Our athletes - regular winners of prestigious national and international competitions. Branch "the Station" is based on the sports club "Olympian".

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