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About the place

Now the street is our best gym. On what open ground does Vasily Virastyuk train and where else in Kiev, except for the Hydropark, can you train professionally on the street?

One of the friendliest federations of Ukrainian sports has just opened a completely new location "Innovative workout complex K2".

The innovation of the complex lies in the unique construction of structures developed by the best athletes of feleration. They have selected all the simulators so that they are as functional as possible and able to help work every muscle of the body.

Up to 15 people can work on the sports grounds at the same time

In addition, the complex is very attractive in appearance, so training here will be a pleasure.

It is here that you can always meet the legends of Ukrainian sports: Vasily Virastyuk, Sergei Konyushok and others.

In particular, every Saturday at 16:00 they hold a training session here with the athletes of the Federation of Strongmen of Ukraine, all the rest of the time the site is open for FREE

The location of the sports workout complex in the city near the monument to Ilya Muromets Stadium was chosen not by chance. The spirit of triumph and freedom, sacrifice and heroism are very important for professional sports.

The innovative K2 sports ground can be used not only as an open-air gym, it is possible to organize performances, hold various competitions and cultural events, engage in fitness and workout.

The site is located in the largest sports and entertainment complex "X-PARK", which is known for its purpose to promote sports and active and fun recreation in the city.

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